Sleepy Ride Memory Foam Airplane Neck Pillow Travel Kit Includes Neck Pillow, Plush Eye Mask, 2 Soft Ear Plugs

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  •  3 PIECE TRAVEL KIT – This airplane sleeping kit comes with 3 very comfortable and easy to travel with sleeping accessories. With this travel kit you get our soft memory foam neck pillow, our light blocking eye mask, and our noise blocking ear plugs.
  • COMFORTABLE MEMORY FOAM NECK PILLOW – Our neck pillow is stuffed with premium-quality memory foam and encased in an elastic and soft feeling spandex material for the cover. Perfect for helping you get a peaceful and comfortable rest while traveling.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & SOFT SLEEP MASK– Bright airplane lights no longer have to be a problem with our contoured eye mask. Being extremely lightweight and made with a soft material, it won’t cause you any discomfort while you’re trying to sleep.
  • NOISE BLOCKING EAR PLUGS – With our perfect fit ear plugs, you can ensure no noisy passengers interrupt your sleep when traveling. Perfect for train or airplane rides, or even using them inside your own home when you just need some peace and quiet.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE – We’re offering all of our customers our lifetime warranty. So, if for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with our Sleep Aid Travel Kit, simply contact our friendly customer support experts for a full refund or new replacement.

Sleepy Ride Airplane Sleeping Kit – Helping You Enhance Your Traveling Experience
Do you hate traveling long distances due to how hard it can be to get a decent rest, especially on planes? Do you find plane seats to be too uncomfortable and can never quite rest your head properly? If so, then our Sleep Travel Kit is the perfect solution for you! Bundled with our adjustable memory foam neck pillow, our soft eye mask, and noise blocking ear plugs, you’ll finally be able to get the long-deserved rest and comfort during your travels that you’ve been searching for.

Premium Memory Foam
Our neck pillow is made with 100% high-quality memory foam and has been intelligently designed with raised lopes to help support your neck entirely on the back and sides. Its plush spandex exterior is comfortable and feels soft to the touch. Perfect for helping you relax while traveling or at home.

Adjustable Straps
Along with being made premium memory foam, our neck pillow also features adjustable straps that are perfect for producing a secure, snug, and comfortable fit around your neck.
Machine Washable
The spandex cover of our memory foam neck pillow is easily machine washable. Just unzip it and remove the memory foam from within and then you can easily clean it by putting the cover into your washing machine.
Improved Sleep Quality
With our memory foam neck pillow, you also receive our sleep mask and ear plugs. Both of which are perfect for helping provide you with an enhanced quality of sleep whether you’re in a plane, car, train, or just laying on your bed.
Light Blocking & Noise Canceling
With our eye masks dark color, tightly knitted material, and contoured design, it easily blocks out all light so that your eyes can relax easier. Plus, with our ear plugs, you can easily filter out any excess noise from those around you.
Get the High-Quality Rest You Deserve on Your Travels with the Sleepy Ride Airplane Sleeping Kit!