Make Economy Feel Like First Class

Looking for a travel companion you can't travel without? Sleepy Ride is more than an accessory or product for when you travel, but an experience. Crafted with high-quality, thick memory foam padding, it's like sitting in a recliner with your feet resting on the clouds around you. Let your feet sway with the motion of the plane, preventing lower back pain, stiffness and swelling in your legs during your long flight. Sleepy Ride hangs on the arms of the tray table (up or down) while you place your feet in the footrest. The adjustable straps allow for the perfect length to provide the much-needed support. Sleepy Ride is recommended for those 5'8" or shorter, especially if your feet do not reach the floor when seated. Sleepy Ride's space- saving design easily fits into your carry-on luggage, or favorite flight travel bag as it includes a handy drawstring carry bag. So regardless if you're traveling for an important business meeting or a family vacation, you arrive feeling refreshed, energized and ready to go!  Sleepy Ride will change the way you fly.